How it all began!

We met at a recreational camp (foreshadowing??) in Bragg Creek Alberta in the summer of 1990. 3 years later we were married in Cypress Hills Provincial Park Saskatchewan.

In 1999 we were blessed with twins.  Then in August of 2000, an unexpected move to Fort McMurray, Alberta was in the works. A quick 9 month contract was in place.  We loved the community and outdoors so much that we stayed and raised our family there for the next 20 years. Once the kids flew the coop, we found ourselves looking to move on to a new chapter.

The Next Chapter

While exploring business possibilities, the idea of owning and operating a campground started to present itself frequently and the idea grew quite naturally for both of us.  It represented a lifestyle that we had each aspired to for years.  Eventually we came across a listing in Meadow Lake Provincial Park and decided to go have a look. Upon arrival our hopes were deflated as the place looked like a much bigger challenge than anticipated.

Preparing to leave the area, we stopped at the park gate and noticed a small sign that Big Island Cove Resort was for sale. We called the number and were lucky enough that the owners answered and were willing to show us around.

Well as most people can confirm, driving down the road to Big Island Cove is a life changing experience, (especially at sunset!) and it was definitely that for us. Taken immediately by the place we booked a cabin for the first weekend of the season.

Finding our Happy Place

That weekend felt like the whole place had been staged for us! Wildlife, stunning sunsets on the beach, fishing, hiking and tranquility galvanized our dreams of owning the place.

It took the summer to get it all arranged, with a flurry of ups and downs, but on September 1, 2021 we began our new adventure.

With a couple weeks remaining in the season, we had opportunities to meet many of the long time patrons, and we were convinced that we were where we belonged.

Waitin’ on ya!

We established our business with love and appreciation for nature, our relationship, our family and our clients.

We look forward to several years of great times at Big Island Cove Resort and we hope that you will join us!   Please come and visit and share some of your adventures. 

-Daren and Joy