Big Island Cove Resort was started in 1952 by my great-grandparents, Ralph and Margaret Seewalt. My grandparents, Margaret (nee Roth) and John Seewalt grew up in nearby Goodsoil.  As a child, I loved spending time at Lac des Isles and enjoyed the area immensely, especially the fishing, amazing beaches and blueberry picking. My great-grandparents ended up selling the resort in the 1960’s and has since changed hands many times throughout the years. When we found out that the Big Island Cove Resort was for sale, my husband and I did not hesitate.

In May 2006 Big Island Cove became our home, our family packed up our things and moved from Calgary. We love living surrounded by the outdoors and enjoy our life in the small town. Giuseppe and I aspire for our business to be an ideal spot to spend time on the lake. Our kids loved growing up on Lac Des Isles and running around with guests their age. They now spend their summers working alongside Shirley, Giuseppe and I. Shirley has been with us since the beginning and is a great addition to the team. We always strive to make Big Island Cove a preferred vacation destination just as my great grandpa intended. 

~Kim Labrocca